The Smile of a Tree | Rivka Basman Ben-Haim Poetry / Illustrations by Mula Ben-Haim / Leivik Publishing house – KESHEV Publishing house / Hardcover / 2016 / 119 p. This Yiddish-Hebrew bilingual book of poetry was published in partnership with the prestigious KESHEV publishing house, menneged by Rafi Weiricht, including translations by the poet herself as well as by Roi Greenwald, Hamotal Bar-Yosef, Yehuda Gur-Arie, Asher Gal, Ruti Zakovich, Shalom Luria and Beny Mer.

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Translated by: Roy Greenwald, Yehuda Gur-Arie, Asher Gal, Bnei Mer, Rivka Basman Ben-Haim, Shalom Luria, Ruthi Zakovich, Hamotal Bar-Yosef.